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Spectral Efficacy Calculator

Accurately assessing your plants spectral requirements can be tricky with all the different light types and output specifications on the market we have white, mono mixes, phosphor , quantum dot and white mono mix led lamps on the market all with different spectrums.

Its not easy comparing a spectrum on the side of a box to your chosen plant absorption curves and then there is still no good answer as to how efficient the spectrum of your lamp is for your chosen absorption curves.

We like to be efficient and we like to give our customers exacting and precise information about our lamps and so we wrote software to accurately assess spectral efficacy and to produce informative and precise spectral charts.

This makes it very easy for the grower to know if the needs of their plants are being met by their lamp spectrum.

Manual Input

You can add your own spectrums to the Grow Light database for comaparisons and calculations

  1. Manually enter from your own plot.
  2. Cut and paste from spectrometer files.
  3. Compare vs any other spectrum.
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Manual Spectrum Input
Spectrum Generated

Comparison Mode

Compare any spectrum against any other action spectrum to accurately calcualte the spectral efficacy percentage for use in your YPFD calculations:

  1. Preset list of all common horticultural absorption curves.
  2. Preset list of many lamps.
  3. Show spectum information.
  4. Share spectrums.
Spectrum Database
Action Spectrums