Grow Shop - Hydroponic Stores

Point of sale and cloud data services for hydroponic stores, distributors, brands and manufacturers.

Grow Shop has all the products you will ever need to run a successful hydroponics store / grow shop.

Data direct from manufacturers and distributors stored securely on our hydro cloud allows you to scan or search for products to process in-store sales.

Product data and images are made available to hydroponic stores for their website from our 'Hydro Cloud' creating a Global Repository for the hydroponics industry with the goal of normalizing data and improving sales.

ePos - Pocket Register

  1. Barcode Scanning.
  2. Fast product lookup.
  3. Favorites List for commonly sold items
  4. RRP Prices / Your Prices.
  5. Logos and images available for your website.
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Social Media Ready

  1. Instantly share products to social media
  2. Automatically adds your Store Logo
  3. Automatically adds your Contact Details
  4. Show Sale or regular price
  5. Website ready centered images (200 x 200 and 1240 x 1240) available in app or on our website.
  6. Manufacturer original images (transparent png where possible) available for your website.
  7. CSV Exports includign barcodes for your shopping portals. 
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Sourcing and Re-Ordering

  1. Extensive Distributor Database.
  2. Brand and Manufacturer Database.
  3. Lastest offers and new products.
  4. Fast, easy and intelligent re-ordering.
  5. Logos and images available for your website.
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Distributor and Manufacturers