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VPD Chart Generator & Much More

Achieving the right VPD in your grow room will guarantee and increase in the yield and essential oil content of your crops.

VPD is calculated from the temperature and humidity and the resulting number in kPa means next to nothing to the general user.

Using our app you can see your current room VPD plotted on a VPD chart with easy to understand coloured bands , you can assess conditions easily at a glance and react accordingly.

For example if you temperature is too high and taking you too far down the chart in Bloom and you can not lower the temperature you can scan horizontally (humidity) on the chart until you reach a number that puts you back in your desired colour band and then raise your rooms humidity to that level and visa versa.

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Manual Input Mode

VPD Buddy uses bluetooth to connect to sensors to automatically read temperature and humidity values and calculate VPD.

VPD Buddy can also be used as a standalone calcualtor to calcualte VPD your hygrometer readings:

  1. Enter your temperature and humidity.
  2. Enter your target temperature and humidity.
  3. Select large or small chart.
  4. Click the calculate button.
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VPD Buddy Manual Input
VPD Chart

Harness the power of Knowledge!!

Environmental monitoring in your grow room is essential whether you are using basic temperature and humidity gauges or more advanced bluetooth and wireless devices it is vital to manage your grow room conditions to achieve the best possible yields.

With this in mind we have written an app that will allow you to assess your rooms environmental conditions in a friendly visual manner and keep a grow journal log of the conditions.

Our VPD Buddy App has a manual input mode for those of you who have standard hygrometers and also allows connectivity to Bluetooth devices to easily create your VPD Charts.

Achieving Environmental Bliss is easy when you use VPD Buddy and you are guaranteed to increase both the mass and quality of your yield by achieving perfect conditions in your grow room.

Other devices and data sources will be continually added to VPD Buddy, if you would like device included then contact us hello@growappz.com.

Sensor Mode

Connect to Thingy Bluetooth Devices to automatically read environmental conditions such as:

  1. Temperature.
  2. Humidity.
  3. Carbon Dioxide.
  4. Volatile Organic Particales (VOC's).
  5. Canopy Temperature.
  6. VPD.
Bluetooth Devices
Sensor Readings

Grow Diary Mode

Recording an accurate log of your grow room data can be invaluable to the grower in helping to increase both yield quantity and quality.

Knowing the best environmental conditions for your plants at the various different growth stages and seasons can save you time and money in the seasons to come.

Both manual input data and sensor data can be recorded into grow diaries allowing accurate data to be stored and shared for future review.

If you are connected to a sensor and you save a grow diary entry the sensor details are automatically saved.

Grow Diaries

Safe and Secure Grow Diaries to help you keep track of  your grows and enhance your social media sharing:

  1. Images stored in application folder so no accidental viewing in your phones photo albums or timeline. 
  2. Sensor readings automaticall saved with grow diary entries.
  3. Image collages created automatically for easy social sharing.
  4. Weeks are automatically calculated for you so you always know where you are in your grow.
Grow Diary Week Entries
Grow Diary Weeks